Friday, July 18, 2008

Rheanna Lingham

You’ve never been a Saturday night kind of woman, saving up all of your good-time energy and blowing it on one evening. Nope, you prowl the town on your own terms and timeline, be it smack in the middle of Wednesday afternoon, or the wee hours of Friday morning. After all, if you obey all the rules, you bypass the adventure. And British designer Rheanna Lingham’s jewelry confections are the ideal partner in crime for the woman who doesn’t just spring out her fancy gear for one night.

Lingham’s Feather Your Nest collection encompasses her trademark feather designs, from ball-shaped necklaces layered with Pheasant, Partridge or Peacock feathers to chandelier necklaces that dangle white feathers on lengthy gold-plated chains. As radiant as her feather pieces are, Lingham proves she isn’t a one-trick pony, presenting an equally fluid collection of gold-hued inspired designs, including an embroidered double wreath necklace.

Limited selections available at PixieMarket. For more information, visit the designers Web site.

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