Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eva Gozlan

Yes, you’re sweet, but thankfully not that sweet. So, sure you sometimes wear pink, and adore gooey lip gloss, but you balance it out with a choppy haircut and steel gray nail lacquer on your toes. Which is why you adore Eva Gozlan’s jewelry pieces, which are equally sweet and left-of-the-dial cool.

The French designer works primarily with brass adding dainty pearl and gemstone touches, and her collection is deliciously cohesive, transforming girly touchstones (like purses and butterflies) into modern statements. A bracelet with a sculptured form on a closer glance resembles an angel’s wing. A leaf charm earring, to be worn on its own ala 80s style, dangles pearls on oxidized chain. A lengthy necklace flaunts a glass jar pendant revealing miniature brass butterflies.

Her collection is available online at Manjoh.

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