Monday, November 10, 2008

t.kahres jewelry by Teresa Kahres

There are some people who pride themselves on cultivating a mammoth Facebook friend list, and then there is you…the fiercely loyal pal, who’d rather have five amazing comrades, then hundreds of meaningless acquaintances. But you’re steadfast about everything, unequivocally committed to the things that really count, and letting the rest roll right off your shoulders with no regrets. And with jewelry, you’re the exact same way, opting for special pieces, instead of dabbling with passels of frivolous throwaways.

Silversmith Teresa Kahres veered towards enameling to widen her color palette, enabling her to dance more deeply with her botanical and oceanic inspirations. Ruffled flower earrings, dotted with pearls, are streaked with rich hues, as are lengthy crumbled leaves forming an asymmetrical necklace centerpiece. Enamel shells, glistening white and cupping grey pearls, are a perfect winter resort adornment. For the fall season, we covet the flower drop earrings (above), drenched with blue tones and dressed up with gothic pearls.

To view styles and purchase, visit the designer’s Web site.


Anonymous said...

Very unique creation! Teresa Kahres has indeed captured once again the beauty of nature with his one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces!

AC said...

I love Teresa's work! I purchased two of her razor rings last year and she was so great to deal with.

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