Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stone & Honey

Transcendent first acts are hard to follow…just ask Liz Phair. But every now and then, someone follows up an alluring debut with a second chapter that is equally compelling. Such is the case with Portland designer Teresa Robinson who launched her smallthings designs jewelry line six years ago and instantly won the hearts of many with her charming stained glass pieces. Over time, she broadened the collection but stayed true to the idea of capturing the simplicity and beauty of diminutive objects.

Artistic people with ideas, however, need to change course to keep their creative juices flowing. So rather than continually extend smallthings and risk losing cohesiveness, Robinson has introduced Stone & Honey, a brand spanking new line with its own identity and Web-based store. Inspired by the intricacies of honeycomb and pinwheels, Robinson creates silver and gold necklace pendants in varying arrangements mirroring the silhouettes. For a bolder look, these pendants are layered on top of ringed Brazilian agate stones in dazzling colors, from vibrant pinks, blues and greens to earthy browns and moody grays. Shown above is the Heather necklace with swirled magenta and violet hues and tumbling silver pinwheels.

To view styles and purchase, visit Stone & Honey.

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