Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kyoko Hashimoto

Hotter than a pistol, you’re the one who always somehow lands at parties that later garner legendary status…the type who stumbles into undiscovered spots on the eve of becoming the “it” hangout…the sort with ESP-like senses that catches bands before they become huge. Right place, right time, yeah that’s you. Label it luck, call it coincidence, it doesn’t matter…the cards are always on your side. And so you crave jewelry that’s ready for anything – nothing too girlish, too stuffy, too trendy…just cool, cool, cool.

The Seducing the Bowerbird collection from Australian designer Kyoko Hashimoto is brimming with intricate black and white pieces inspired by Victorian lace patterns, vintage Art Deco jewelry and Japanese cartoon characters. Large-scale bib necklaces and fan earrings, crafted from wood, brass and acrylic, blend antique-type silhouettes with a modern twist. Our favorite is the reversible Dinner Party necklace, brilliantly informed by a toy car model kit, and then elegantly transformed with lace and graphic images and hung on an oxidized sterling silver chain.

To view current styles visit the designer's blog. Past collections can be purchased at modamuse.

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